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Pullback Peacock

Category: Products

Model: JT00023


The most innovative toy made out of paper to date. An amazing experience watching this paper toy move. This pullback peacock is made simply with paper no mechanism or motor installed. It is pure science we have used to make this work. Open the box and read the step guide thoroughly before you start making the toy. We would like to recommend that when you make the wheels of the car make sure the glue is enough filled inside the small plastic pipes to hold the stick tight and get attached with the wheels properly so as to have a firm grip. Close the bottom of wheels, decorate the peacock and there you go. Your pullback peacock is ready to run around.

Again make sure the kid checks the step guide and a grownup assistance would help them to create a perfect car. It's paper so be gentle making the toy and don't apply to much pressure on any parts. Its fun to make this pullback peacock and easy to build. The technology within creates the force as you pull back and once you release the peacock, it runs with full speed.

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